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Recent Work

Blackpoll warbler 

This is a study of a male Blackpoll Warbler, a migration bird breeding mainly in the North Americas.  They are relatively small and weigh as much as a ballpoint pen. The males are usually black and white as seen here. Hand-drawn digitally using pencil, spectra, pastel, and other digital brushes.


Hang on leap forward

This piece was referenced from a stock image found on the internet.  Hand drew digitally using pencil, pastel, and other digital brushes.


Mountain Sky

Mountains and the night sky.


Life of a pine cone

This is a macro artwork of a pine cone very close up.  Hand-drawn digitally with pencil, spectra and other digital brushes on a cardboard textured background


Plumeria artimus

A flower that blooms in Hawaii.


Among the Clouds

A place where all sorts of things happen.

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